Northwest Steel & Recycling - Full Service Recycling Center
Northwest Steel & Recycling is a full service scrap yard. We purchase scrap steel " 500 LB. minimum" for payment ,  and non-ferrous metals at competitive rates. In an effort to help keep our environment and community cleaner we offer free scrap metal and  appliance drop off at our location free of charge. 
Accepted items for free drop off :

 Washing machines , dryers, hot water heaters, old farm and yard equipment, exercise machines, freezers , refrigerators, lawn mowers "drained", metal fencing, bicycles, old car parts "drained", etc. If its metal you can most likely drop it with us for free. Please call with any questions befor making the trip.

Items We Purchase
Non Ferrous Metals :
Copper wiring and pipe , Aluminum of all types, Brass, Bronze, Stainless Steel, Transformers, , Automotive Batteries, Radiators, Wheels, Catalytic Converters, Electric Motors, ,Starters, Alternators, Electric motors, Aluminum  engines, Transmissions,  ECT.
Ferrous Metals : Scrap Steel and Iron- We have a 500 LB. Minimum for customers wishing to be paid for steel. If you have less than the required minimum you are welcome to drop it off at our location free of charge.

Please note before making the trip to see us :
All items containing fuel or oil must be drained before drop off . All engines and transmissions must have oil pans and filters removed before being brought to our site, NO ACCEPTIONS ! We cannot accept items containing any types of fluids.

Items we do not accept : TV's, , Furniture, Plastics, Glass, Wood, Foam, Newspaper, Cardboard, light bulbs of any kind, Paint Cans, Concrete, Dirt, Garbage, Items containing asbestos or any hazardous materials.
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